Art by Anna Shapiro

Performance Art

Performance art is a means for Anna to tap into the materials of time and space. The temporal element of performance and the physicality required in the work directly relate to Anna's studio art and public work practices.

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Inspired by the myth of Sisyphus this performance uses Providence as its stage. It spans a 6-mile round-trip path traversing three rivers, two hills, two green-spaces and burrows under one mall.

The act of dragging boxes lined with reflective material is both an absurd and poetic intervention into every day life. The reflective boxes connect to the landscape physically and visually while the act of dragging them is in contrast with the ease of modern day transport.

Reflections within the boxes capture reality and distort it causing real-time displacement. This toilsome act is metaphorical of any, journey or move, internal or external.

This project was part of the ProvFlux Conference, May 27-29, 2005 Fluxus and interventionist projects were ongoing in throughout the city.

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